Shade Cloth Fabric


Inson is a renowned, dynamic and successful group corporation supplying high quality of shade fabric, anti-hail net, anti-insect net and anti-bird net in China.   Due to the cheap labor, the factory is located in the southwest of China while the office settle down in the south of China.It is an export-oriented enterprise since 2008.Inson's main supplying anti-hail net, anti-insect net and anti-bird net, used in the fields of floriculture, agriculture, Construction,horticulture and fishing.  It is popular and well-known for its  wear-resistance, flexible, and  multiple sizes, colors, and light weight with a favorable price. Apart from this, the biodegradable products is also welcomed in the market for its  100% eco friendly.Ying Sheng Netting Industry has a strict rules for quality-control, we select the high quality raw material, producing with the latest technology with innovative thinking.Our goal is to manage all the customer's requirements.Each products is manufactured according to the international quality standards. Each  process passes through quality control management so there is no chance to produce defective product.Also We have our own transportation from where the end product is dispatched to  the customer locations.Besides,We deliver our quality products in a given-time  to earn the client satisfactions. So that we have a long list of satisfied customer within a short period.